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Let's be Friends ~

Hello everyone ~! ^o^

I am Gumi / Karlaly (in rl). 23. PH.

I'm already in JFandom since 2008. XD. I love making friends, so hopefully we could be friends. ^o^ .

What I'm into / I like?

  • Yamazaki Kento. Swear ! I gave up my one fandom (longest fandom I'd been to.) just for him. XD That's how much I love this guy XD. Though I may not be active in his fandom , but I still tried to get updated. I'm managing a Facebook Page , Yamazaki Kento Philippines. I've been in this fandom for almost 3 years (since 2014), blame Suikyuu Yankees for it. XD
  • 2.5D. I'm recently into this fandom. I started last year, during HaiSute days. My first crush is Asuma Kousuke, but after I watched Haisute , I fall for Hashimoto Shohei. Then I encountered a man named Ueda Keisuke during the Yowamushi Pedal Drama Press Conference. AT first, I AM DENYING HIS EXISTENCE, but eventually, with the help of my friends, I fall for him, replacing Shohei in Gumi's BIAS position. XD After Uechan, Kitamura Ryo and Ozawa Ren made also to my BIAS LIST haha and lastly, just recently, Aramaki Yoshihiko also made it. As of now, my biases in this fandom are Uechan, Kitamu, RenRen , and Makki XD. Shohei and Asuma will always have a special place in my bias list XD (But I have many Asuma Kousuke's related merch other than my biases XD //blame his smile !)

  • Anime. Because of 2.5D, I came back from watching anime's XD. I like Yowamushi Pedal, Diamond no Ace, Yuri on Ice, Haikyuu and many more. haha XD I'm not into BL/ Yaoi T^T sorry.

  • JDRAMA. I'm starting also to have a come back in watching JDRAMAs/JMOVIES. Before I got hooked with stage and anime, I'm a big fan of jdramas/jmovies,, well because of YamaKen XD ... but when I entered the stage fandom, I got hiatus in watching jdramas T^T . Hopefully this year I can watch again XD

Sorry if I talked to much T^T .

I decided to do an Introduction Post here mainly because I want to have at least one entry here XD , and second is for us to get to know each other. XD But tbh, I really do not know what to do with this account , well because I already have an LJ account , but I'm not also that active posting in LJ haha. Maybe I'll just post random stuffs here? or about fandom stuffs ? Let's see. ^^

If you want to have an access in this account (since I will be posting some links) you can comment here, introduce yourself so we can get to know each other  and let's be friends haha XD.

But I am not going to promise that I will be active here, since I seldom open LJ and this account T^T. If you want to talk / flail with me I am online on the following accounts ~! ^O^

  • Facebook : Karlaly Yamazaki ** always online
  • Instagram : gmzkym ** sometimes I check DM XD
  • Twitter : gmzkym ** always online
  • LINE : userid:  gmzkym  ** always online
  • Tumblr : gmzkym
That's it. ^^
Will be waiting for your comments ~~! ^o^


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